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Who we are...

Founded by Viggo Nielsen in January 2019, Viggo Nielsen Inc. is a consulting and management firm specialized in the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery segment. Having spent his entire career in this sector, managing two large OEMs – Tetra Pak Hoyer Inc. and Mettler Toledo PI (part of the Mettler Toledo Group) – Viggo is uniquely qualified to advise and assist companies and individuals on how to succeed in achieving their growth objectives with lasting success.
As the General Manager of Mettler Toledo PI, Viggo developed a strong team, driving the organic growth fourfold and profitability eightfold from an already significant market position.
From Global Marketing Manager to President of Tetra Pak Hoyer Inc., specialized in Industrial Ice Cream Process Equipment, Viggo grew the company from being a new player in the Americas, to the dominant market leader in just a few years. He was also the main driver of several groundbreaking business developments in the company.
Given Viggo's extensive network of specialists and suppliers in the industry, Viggo Nielsen Inc. has access to resources that stretch far and wide.


How we operate...

Being a boutique consulting firm, we focus on areas where we can deliver the greatest impact and we only engage in projects where we see an overwhelming opportunity to help drive success in a truly meaningful way. 


If we are unable to help you on a specific task, we will refer you to other relevant resources to point you in the right direction.


In the areas where we have the most experience, we will work with you and your team to ensure that ownership of any impactful changes stays within your organization. 


We have found that, even though nurturing and managing growth is an obvious route to financial success and longevity, the path is not always straightforward. With it, however, comes the opportunity to attract and retain the best employees and also the best customers. 


Financial success and working with a team aligned around common goals, provide you with greater peace of mind, and the freedom to work on what you really enjoy and are good at.

Our beliefs...

Some of our fundamental beliefs:

  • Cost is important, but how your customer experiences your services and product is more important. 

  • Pricing is the most under-researched and most-powerful lever.

  • Technology advances must add to your customers’ success – or at the very least, your own.

  • If the line operators do not like your equipment, you will not succeed

  • If you have ever wondered if you should strengthen your service support, you are already late in doing so.

  • Only embark on ambitious web-based services if you have the resources to do so.

  • Don’t say your people are your most important asset unless you treat them that way.

  • Even if your people are not your most important asset, they should always feel valued, be respected, and appreciated.

  • If you are ever afraid of what an employee may say to a customer, you have a problem, but also one that can be fixed.

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